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Critical information about major local developemnents such as the 90 houses at Bull Farm - OBJECT NOW!

Find out more about Cranbrook's neighbourhood Plan and the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan. How does it affect you?

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Berkeley homes have decided NOW is an appropriate time to
apply for further planning permission at Turnden for now more than 160 houses!!!! Please remember that the original application was for just 30 or so……

Hartley and Cranbrook lie within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), an exceptionally beautiful landscape celebrated for its scenery, tranquillity and wildlife. This rural area reflects the character of the High Weald which is recognised as one of the best surviving medieval landscapes in North West Europe. Its ridges and valleys are clothed with an intricate mosaic of small fields interspersed with historic farmsteads surrounded by trees and woody hedges arranged around a network of ancient roads and tracks. Hartley lies at a prominent high point (130m) with extensive views to the East towards the Greensand Ridge, and west towards Bedgebury, Flimwell and Combwell.


The Government's national planning guidance states that the scale and extent of development in AONBs should be limited. The proposal by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in their new local plan to allocate over 900 new homes to Cranbrook, with 90 of these in the Gate Farm area, will harm our beautiful landscape and bring an additional 2000 cars onto our narrow local roads without delivering the truly affordable homes for local people that we need.

Hartley: Save Our Fields is a group of residents and friends who are working to ensure that people are informed of major planning applications locally and what decisions are being made that will impact Hartley and Cranbrook in the future..

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Draft Local Plan

The latest TWBC draft Local Plan is over 500 pages long, and therefore long-winded and time-consuming to comprehend. It's also difficult for people to comment on.

It is recommending a further 900 homes in the area, which will cause irreparable damage to the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), not to mention a huge increase in traffic.

We need as many local residents to object to this plan as possible if we are to protect our area from excessive unwanted development.

The easiest way to comment or object is by using the form below, which can then be emailed directly to TWBC at

Local Plan
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